“Being a Hero is to choose what is worth” as the theme of this year for Heroes’ Day; it was a great day, hot and excited at UTB where all students and staff were gathered together to receive senator Hon. MUGESERA Antoine and UGIZENEZA Janviere, Researcher on National Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honour and Heroism in Rwandan Society from CHENO.

All staff and students were happy for UTB to be selected among other universities to be given this chance of getting knowledge about Heroes of Rwanda as we are coming closer to the day of Heroes which will take place on 1st February 2017.

The guests were welcomed by Vice Chancellor of UTB Kabera Callixte and Hon. MUGESERA Antoine introduced the theme of the day “Being a Hero is to choose what is worthy” and he explained more to the audience about this theme.

By starting, He firstly explained the mission Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honour (CHENO) which is to identify, thank, honor and celebrate the memory of Rwandan citizens or foreigners who distinguished themselves by acts of Heroism and other acts of bravery serving as good examples. He said that the most important thing in Heroism is to abandon you or to give yourself because of others.

He again talked about the characteristics of Heroes which are the following:

  • Proven integrity :To show a sense of courage, to support positive action, to point out negative actions and dare to fight it with full knowledge of its likely risks;
  • Patriotism :To promote the Country’s sovereignty, development, national pride as well as unity among its inhabitants;
  • Sacrifice :Denial of personal interests, defense of public interests and, where necessary, sacrifice of one’ s life;
  • Vision:To be visionary and to understand truth that is not open for all;
  • Proven courage or bravery :To be famous for one’s acts of bravery known to and appreciated by many people;
  • To serve as an example:to be famous for one’s outstanding achievements which serve as a good example for others ;
  • Truthfulness :To be characterized by truth and to defend it without fear of suffering because of it;
  • Magnanimity :To demonstrate good manners in one’s behavior, relations and interactions
  • Humanity:To be characterized by love for others instead of being materialistic.

Hon. Mugesera continued to talking about the criteria followed in determining the categories of heroes, those are; Supreme sacrifice, Importance demonstrated by the hero and Example demonstrated by the hero.

In Rwanda we have three categories of Heroes:


This is category for the supreme Hero who demonstrated outstanding achievements in this category we have:

  • Unknown Soldier
  • Major General Fred GISA RWIGEMA
  1. IMENA (Second to Imanzi)
  • The King Mutara Rudahigwa Charles Leon Pierre
  • Rwagasana Michel
  • Uwiringiyimana Agathe
  • Niyitegeka Felicite
  • The students of Nyange school who have refused to be separated with Tutsi and choose to die

This is a kind of a Hero who beyond the Imena category and in this category, none of the hero included, the research is continuing about this.

After all  explanations about Heroes of Rwanda, Hon. Mugesera gave the time to the audience to ask questions and giving their comments, and the students even staff  asked and getting  all the answers. Then Ugizeneza Janviere  from Heroe’s Council asked questions to the audience and the students of UTB showed how they have understood everything by answering correctly all questions.

She ended up the speech by inviting all staff and students to go and visit the National Heroes Museum in order to know more about Heroes and to get inspirations about being a Hero even now. So, everyone there went back with a wish of being a Hero and starting those actions of heroes wherever they are in different parts of the country.