Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


UTB is committed to spearhead the advancement of education through quality teaching, learning, research, consultancy and service to the community by preparing graduates to meet the needs of Rwanda, the sub-region and the global community.

UTB seeks to foster personal and professional growth in a conducive environment that values cultural diversity and cultivates the awareness of ethical issues, fairness, competitiveness and social responsibility.


To become a centre of excellence in the region for the quality of academic programs and to be a solution provider for the training of professionals in the area of hospitality, tourism, Business and Technology.

Strategies to achieve the mission and vision

Regularly review curricula to make them relevant to the needs of the industry

– Adjust academic programs to benchmark them to international standards and the expectations of the growing market

– Train graduates in basic and lifelong skills that make them more competitive and industry-ready

– Introduce new academic programs and increase student enrolment

– Maintain a culture of academic excellence by supporting and rewarding deserving students

– Expose students to issues of social responsibility and help develop their full potentials

– Value field trips, emphasize the acquisition of hands-on experience and impart communication and soft skills

– Promote and encourage a reading culture among students

– Form linkages with regional and international sister institutions of higher learning

– Support research towards cutting edge knowledge and disseminate research findings

– Recruit outstanding and quality academic and administrative staff and retrain those in service

– Adopt such student-centered approaches as competence-based learning (CBL) and project-based learning (PBL)

– Graduate full blown and competitive students

– Increase the number of female staff and students

– Embrace best practices in higher education such as peer review mechanisms, internal and external moderation, linkages,    tracer study, performance contract, etc.