UTB-Career Advisory Centre

The University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) Career Advisory Center (CAC) motivate students to be job creators, not job seekers.

The CAC objectives include;

  • Offering guidance to students on the improvement of academic performance;
  • Exposing students to the current labour market psychology in relation to the expectations of employers on entry level candidates;
  • Be the point of contact between employers and UTB for coordination of students’ Industrial attachment, externships and post studentsfor employment process;
  • Supporting students through an easy, flexible Industrial Attachment placement;
  • Evaluating students’ experience and performance in the industry and submit feedback reports for improvement;
  • Demystifying myths about career and to advice students on career choices,how to clearly define their career plan and/ or how to compete forjobs;
  • Sensitizing and promoting working standards as expected by employers;
  • Providing students with information on graduate schools and furtheringtheir studies

The CAC focus is to strengthen student’s career opportunities and development and to assist them in building working practices that address the needs and the requirement of the industry. To achieve all above, UTB has set up Entrepreneurship Centre in order to spearhead entrepreneurship and enterprise development curricula of the University and mainstream entrepreneurship in all education modules on offer.

The UTB Entrepreneurship Centre strives to host a Business Incubator Unit (BIU) that targets UTB students and graduates who wish to pursue their innovative ideas and creating businesses and jobs.

The objectives of BIU include;

  • To build managerial and technical capacity of UTB’s Staffs to serve as catalyst for creation of new small business and growth of existing businesses from UTB students and outside community.
  • To establish an Entrepreneurship Centre in UTB with full capacity ofproviding business development services to UTB community, staff and the surrounding community.
  • To improve the position of UTB as institution and its role in thewhole partnership for advocacy for improving business environment inthe country.

The vision of BIU is;

To become a centre of excellence in developing entrepreneurship culture, creating and nurturing SMEs within and outside university community.