The University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) is one of the pioneer and most exciting private Universities and a major player in Rwanda higher education sector. With over 6,000 students spread in the Campuses of Kigali and Rubavu, UTB is an innovative, thriving and sustainable institution that is making a significant contribution to the tourism and IT industries and economic, social and cultural prosperity of Rwanda.

Our core purpose is to add value to students, through applied research and innovation, and through engagement with the economy and society of our region and the wider world in the area of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies. This purpose informs our vision, our strategic goals and how we focus and deliver service to the clients.

Based across two campus locations in Kigali and Rubavu, our reach is both deep and wide. In addition, the University has active partnerships with other Universities and polytechnics across the region to facilitate access and progression to our programs.

UTB would like to recruit qualified and potential candidates on the following positions:

1.Recovery Accountant

2.Revenues accountant

3. Procurement Officer