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The Department of Business Information Technology prepares candidates to become specialists in the Information Technology needs of modern businesses.  The Department of Business Information Technology (BIT) offers an undergraduate major designed to provide our students with expertise in the development and use of computer systems and quantitative modeling techniques for solving business problems and making managerial decisions.  Our students learn the necessary information technology (IT) and computing skills, plus quantitative and modeling techniques, business management to develop and implement sophisticated business-related computer systems. The degree in information systems focuses on the design, specification, and creation of information systems, and on the human and organisational arrangements needed to use information systems to achieve organisational goals. To cover these increasingly interrelated topics, the course offers study in five key areas: information systems, information technology, organisations(business management), analytical skills, and professional competencies.

Business Information Technology programs are designed to meet the increasing demand in the market place for IT professionals with a wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and the capacity to harness and implement IT strategies taking advantage of emerging technologies. Further, courses in the department are structured to focus on issues surrounding the strategic use, development, implementation and management of computer systems.  They include creating critical awareness of the need to align Information Systems and Information Technology with an organization’s long-term strategy. The department operates in collaboration with other departments in the university to offer support services.

There has been growing concern in universities that having an ICT department itself is not enough to meet the ever growing need of computer and information technology training. Traditional thinking has been that a typical ICT department is in charge of Laboratories and the maintenance of computers. Thus in most cases, individuals working in this department are usually technicians in charge of computer maintenance.

The UTB BIT department is a fully functional academic unit with qualified individuals.  Being academic lecturers in this department, they  teach in all departments ensuring that IT becomes  a driving force for  UTB to generate strategy position in education service delivery through value adding programmes. Besides, the department is in charge of IT Infrastructure: To create a world class IT infrastructure and connectivity for e-education, to ensure connectivity and communication among functional units and to facilitate setting up of broadband digital networks and encourage computer literacy to build and educate a robust  and dynamic self reliant students.


  1. AIMS

The aims of bachelor of business information Technology (BIT)degree programme shall be:

  • To prepare graduates who are business information technology specialists in modern business.

  • To meet the increasing demands in the labor market for business information technology professional with knowledge of business management

  • To equip learners with the capacity and capability tto harness and implement relevant emerging information technologies.

  • To focus on structure issues surrounding the strategic use , development, implementation and management of computer systems in business entities.

  • To provide graduates to work as project information technology managers systems designers/develops.


  • To provide students with a board base knowledge of information technology in order to manage the information modern business

  • To provide a understanding of perspective that forms the context of business information technology.

  • To include undergraduate’s common courses that comprises of the degree requirement.

  • To provide basic an knowledge, skills and ability in the use of information technology in support of business organization.

  • To produce a graduate business information technology professional whose qualification will be recognized in the world of modern business?

  • To equip students with analytical critical thinking and problem solving skills in business information technology

  • To create critical awareness of the needs to needs to align information systems and information technology with modern business organization long term strategy.

  • To equip students with both theoretical, practical and skills pertaining to business information technology.

  • To produce graduates who can apply effectively and efficiently the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in the course for the socio- economic benefit of mankind and country industrial development.

  • To enhance knowledge, skills and abilities to critically evaluate business information requirement and develop solutions from information technology perspectives.

  • To prepare students for progression to higher level of study in their fields of specialization.


Over the years, UTB is driven by the philosophy that staff are important inputs in the training of relevant and self-reliant students. Aware of its mission, UTB has been expanding its human resource base. Lecturers of high academic standing are continuously sourced for the Business Information Technology Department. Indeed, the department currently prides itself of 7 full time Lecturers and 5 part-time Lecturers. The 12 lecturers have background ranging from Computer Scienc

e, Engineering, Statistics, Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Information Technology, Communication Engineering. This rich background in staff profile is the driving force behind UTB’s ability to educate self-reliant students.


In its bid to improve and provide quality Education, UTB has progressively acquired IT equipments to bolster its training programme. New large capacity computers, software like management applications Packages, Turbo C++, Java SDKs/IDEs, MatLab, Simulators and Emulators, Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Sql Servers, Microsoft Office Project, SPSS, Graphic Design Apps, Selenium, TestComplete and Ranorex  amongst have been acquired to give students practical hands on training. Indeed, over the years, this strategic approach has started yielding fruits. Students are able to develop relevant computer programmes. Other than being an academic requirement to graduate, focus has been on making sure that that the programs students develop are relevant to the market. For example, software such as Rice Mart Management System, Kicukiro land Tax Management system, Certificate Management System are some of the  software UTB  students have been able to develop. This reflects our capacity to add value to students who will be able to transform society through ICT innovation.



Any student or Applicant should have or be expected to have passed A-level in science securing a minimum of marks as described of REB and or complete Diploma in the related field.

  1. i) HEC or equivalent certificate with a minimum of the principal passes [A-E] or similar grade in an equivalent examination approved by the University senate.


Ii) HEC or equivalent certificate with minimum of the principal passes and Certificate level Credits and percentages of no less than 60%.


iii) Diploma/Advanced Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of business and information Technology from recognized institutions of HL and will approved by university senate.


  2. A candidate will be qualified to appear for final examinations of any trimester only if

  3. he / she has satisfied the attendance requirements as per the norms given below:

  • Minimum attendance for eligibility to appear for trimester examinations 75% overall attendance in all theory and laboratory courses put together and Minimum 70% attendance in each of the theory and laboratory courses.

  • However, a candidate who secures attendance between 60% and 70% in any course and / or overall attendance between 65% and 75% in the current trimester due to medical reasons (hospitalization / accident / specific illness) or due to participation in the College / University / State / National / International level sports events with prior permission from vice-chancellor shall be given exemption from the prescribed attendance requirement and he / she shall be permitted to appear for the current trimester examinations.

  • Candidates who secure less than 60% in any one of the courses or secure an overall attendance less than 65%  will not be permitted to write the current trimester examinations of all courses under any circumstances and not permitted to go to next trimester.

  1. ii) his / her progress has been satisfactory and

iii)  his / her conduct has been satisfactory.

  1. Candidates who do not qualify to appear for final examinations of any trimester for want of attendance and / or progress and / or conduct have to register for and redo that trimester program at the next immediate available opportunity subject to the Approval of Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics of UTB.


A candidate who is required to repeat the study of any trimester or who desires to rejoin the course after a period of discontinuance or who upon his/her own request is permitted by the authorities to repeat the study of any trimester, may join the trimester which he/she is eligible or permitted to join, only at the time of its normal commencement for a regular batch of candidates and after obtaining the approval from the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.

No candidate will however be enrolled in more than one trimester at any time.  In the case of repeaters, the marks secured earlier in the repeated courses will be disregarded.


The course shall be of three years duration spread over nine trimesters, where the last two trimesters should be occupied by the experimental/implementation work as internship or industrial attachment and research project.

Industry Leading Skills

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