Project Description


This is a Comprehensive three-year Degree program designed to equip the student’s pre-requisite entrepreneurial, marketing and operational skills necessary for Travel and Tourism Management. The Bachelor of Tourism Management is a three-year degree program for people who want to have a career in the field of Travel and Tourism. This course leads to expertise in the management of tour-operating agencies, as well as other jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector. The curriculum also includes operational competencies, event management classes, investment, and marketing. 

During the three year of the program, students have to attend the Industrial Attachment for 3 months in tourism institutions, travel agencies, travel ticketing offices, and event organizing companies as opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in an actual work setting.



Any student or Applicant should have or be expected to have passed A-level in science securing a minimum of marks as described of REB and or complete Diploma in the related field.

  1. i) HEC or equivalent certificate with a minimum of the principal passes [A-E] or similar grade in an equivalent examination approved by the University senate.


Ii) HEC or equivalent certificate with minimum of the principal passes and Certificate level Credits and percentages of no less than 60%.


iii) Diploma/Advanced Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of business and information Technology from recognized institutions of HL and will approved by university senate.


  2. A candidate will be qualified to appear for final examinations of any trimester only if

  3. he / she has satisfied the attendance requirements as per the norms given below:

  • Minimum attendance for eligibility to appear for trimester examinations 75% overall attendance in all theory and laboratory courses put together and Minimum 70% attendance in each of the theory and laboratory courses.

  • However, a candidate who secures attendance between 60% and 70% in any course and / or overall attendance between 65% and 75% in the current trimester due to medical reasons (hospitalization / accident / specific illness) or due to participation in the College / University / State / National / International level sports events with prior permission from vice-chancellor shall be given exemption from the prescribed attendance requirement and he / she shall be permitted to appear for the current trimester examinations.

  • Candidates who secure less than 60% in any one of the courses or secure an overall attendance less than 65%  will not be permitted to write the current trimester examinations of all courses under any circumstances and not permitted to go to next trimester.

  1. ii) his / her progress has been satisfactory and

iii)  his / her conduct has been satisfactory.

  1. Candidates who do not qualify to appear for final examinations of any trimester for want of attendance and / or progress and / or conduct have to register for and redo that trimester program at the next immediate available opportunity subject to the Approval of Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics of UTB.


A candidate who is required to repeat the study of any trimester or who desires to rejoin the course after a period of discontinuance or who upon his/her own request is permitted by the authorities to repeat the study of any trimester, may join the trimester which he/she is eligible or permitted to join, only at the time of its normal commencement for a regular batch of candidates and after obtaining the approval from the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.

No candidate will however be enrolled in more than one trimester at any time.  In the case of repeaters, the marks secured earlier in the repeated courses will be disregarded.


Registration Fee: 52,000RwF


Registration Fee: 37,000RwF

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