UTB inspiring new students to take lead in Debate

The final of Rwanda Conservation and Tourism debate competition 2nd Edition at Kigali Convention Center.
Debate, debate and debate! Nowadays, many students have issues in languages communication. Many articles in Rwanda pointed on this subject when New Times (2019) showed that effective communication is fundamental to quality education, while many students suffer of having poor communication which negatively impacts our education. Therefore, stop worrying too much about speak languages in the public! The only way we can effectively learn a language is by speaking it.

The final of Rwanda Conservation and Tourism debate competition 2nd Edition 
at Kigali Convention Center.

The debate competition was in line with Kwita Izina Ceremony
Lack of confidence is a major problem causing today’s students to not perform well in their education. To improve the confidence of students, different organizations like Rwanda Development Board (RDB) with Hermosa life tours, University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies (UTB) and African Leadership University (ALU) have organized a Rwanda Conservation and Tourism Debate competition to help us to come out of our comfort zone by engaging high school students from different districts of the country in the debates. This competition was in line with Kwita Izina 2019 ceremony, where the final took place on 7th September 2019 at Kigali Convention Centre in Business of Conservation Conference. It wasn’t only debating because participants got to share their ideas on conservation and tourism which is a huge topic that the society works on to make a better world for the future generation.
We are seeds as well as parasite to the earth. We can either give or take depending on our perception of growth. This made me think what’s our role in conservation and in tourism without considering our level ,because most of us we think that there is a certain group of people who are in charge of conservation yet it’s for everyone’s responsibility.. This 2019 debate on conservation and tourism edition 2 which brought on board 30 schools, it’s a good example where am sure that students who participated are now the ambassadors not only them but also us who attended we gained some knowledge and got inspired by the debaters., Such inspiration should push us to and ask ourselves of what are we going to do to make conservation policy and enforce it. to be realized.

The audience giving round of applause to the debaters for the amazing ideas.
Students were really engaged and competitive from the preselection, boot camp untill to the finals, where Kagarama secondary school and Mater Dei competed for the 2nd runner-up. Maranyundo Girls School and Lycée Notre-Dame de Cîteaux competed for the bride of the conservation debate 2019. It wasn’t an easy task to the judges; all the schools reached on the final were able; students were confident and have skills but each competition has a winner.

The judges of final debate on Conservation and Tourism 2nd edition.
Lycée Notre-Dame de Cîteaux won the competition, Maranyundo Girls School became the 1st runner-up and Kagarama secondary school the 2nd runner-up. The more interesting is that girls was more engaged which shows the good level that today proverb that girls are able was proved which makes everyone proud. And the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) has offered a full Scholarship to the best female debater as an award.

The winners of the conservation debate 2nd edition from Lcycee Notre Dame de Citeaux

The best female speaker being awarded by UTB Vice Chancellor (A full scholarship at UTB)
This is the time that we students understand that debating is not a matter of having any degree or ages just the willingness and confident in ourselves is all that is needed to be a debater. Let’s be ourselves, leave negative judgments aside; that will drive us to make the positive impact on our society, country and the world in general. We have potential but we want to be spoon feeded and yet we won’t reach anywhere if is what we are waiting for.
We can learn from Albert Einstein words; “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” Conservation is life, a state of harmony between human, land and its nature. It’s never too late; now you can bring your contribution, commitment and together we can make it happen.

The Winner of the competition from Lycée Notre-Dame de Cîteaux

Second runner up team from Maranyundo Girls School

Third runner up team from Kagarama Secondary School

Group photo of the winning teams with the judges and panelists.

Dr. KABERA Callixte on the panel inspiring youth on the Conservation & Tourism

Group photo of panelists

By Micka INEZA,
UTB Student in Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management